30 Day Butt Workouts for Women to Build Perfect Booty

Today I’m releasing your new 30 Day Challenge. This time we are focusing on your BOOTY (by popular demand!) I would love it if you could invite all of your friends, family, and co-workers to do this with you. It’s an easy way to get some extra movement into your day and it’s super effective,

How to Burn Fat: 15-Minute Workout

When the term obesity is mentioned to you, you are always relating the same with body appearance. The truth is that the physical look is not that great issue regarding the obesity, as the health diseases are. The obesity is one of the greatest reasons why certain people are struggling with hypertension, diabetes, heart diseases,

These 5 ab exercises are better than crunches

There’s no question crunches can do a great deal to flatten your core, but they are not the most effective workout when it comes to a flat belly. The thing is crunches only target a small portion of your abdominal muscles, which means that if you limit your workout on crunches only, the rest of